Imagine you’re invited to a fun weekend away with your best friends, in say, a most idyllic setting like a ski in-and-out cabin in Mont Tremblant, Quebec… just for fun. How great would it be to be part of that? Oh, it was amazing!

Early March, on one of the coldest weekend of the winter with a beautiful blue sky, Erica and Rob, crossed the border from US to Canada to say, “ I do”, in a very intimate ceremony and ambiance.

Though behind the camera the weather proved to be challenging, the end result was beautiful. We were very honored to be part of their gorgeous day!





A cozy reception inside the beautiful “Ambiance” Manoir, the candles and twinkle lights filled the couple’s venue, while woodsy accents and chalkboard details topped reception tables.



The wedding was personal, cozy and warm, and Erica and Rob’s love made everything more magical.